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Asus бренд z690 board-аа танилцууллаа

The Strix Z690-A will be Asus’ entry-level board for the Strix lineup, featuring silver accents with cyan RGB lighting, instead of the usual black finish on higher-end ROG products. If history repeats itself, this board should be nearly identical to Asus’ Prime boards, in design layout, power delivery, and connectivity. The only difference with this board is its gaming-focused identity with Strix badging and Strix exclusive features.

What’s interesting about this board is the inclusion of DDR4 compatibility. This is one of the first motherboards that we’ve actually seen with DDR4 support instead of DDR5. This will be useful for customers who don’t want to pony up for pricy DDR5 modules, which could be up to 60% more expensive than DDR4, Or simply want to reuse their previous memory kits.

Checking out the rear I/O, the board appears to have eight USB Type-A ports along with two USB Type-Cs, Ethernet, WiFi, DisplayPort, HDMI, and five rear audio jacks. Judging by the amount of M.2 heatsinks, this board has support for four M.2 drives. The bottom-most M.2 heatsink is large enough to accommodate two drives at the same time.

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